Innovating Preparedness by
Leveraging SYNERGIES
and Enhancing Results
of DRM Projects

SYNERGIES is a European co-funded project dedicated to fostering a culture of disaster preparedness.

With a collaborative approach, we engage first and second responders, citizens, civil society organisations, research and education systems, authorities, and business companies in disaster preparedness actions.

Our focus revolves around five key preparedness needs: involving all relevant actors, strengthening education and training, effective communication with citizens, managing spontaneous volunteers, and ensuring sustainable solutions.

Building on research from previous EU-funded projects, SYNERGIES integrates findings, refines practices, and guides three real-life Preparedness Cases in the Reunion islands, Malta and Rotterdam.

Photo cover by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash.


Involvement in building preparedness

Empower citizens and formal actors for effective disaster preparedness, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making. Integrate the key targets into a resilient disaster management culture.

Education and trainings

Address gaps in current preparedness education, targeting key community influencers and developing a tailored training approach for figures like first responders and teachers.

with citizens

Enhance communication with citizens in the preparedness phase, focusing on vulnerable populations. Improve information sharing between local authorities, citizens and the private sector, exploring innovative early warning systems.

Management of
spontaneous volunteers

Develop and test flexible preparedness plans to manage spontaneous volunteers, ensuring their meaningful contribution in disaster response and learning from their hands-on experience in disaster management.

Sustainable Solutions

Address sustainability challenges in disaster management solutions by involving all relevant stakeholders in field exercises, simulations and training activities to enhance understanding of effectiveness, application efforts and costs.


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